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Cremant d’Alsace Blanc – “Cuvee Nicole” Magnum


Served well-chilled between 5° and 7°, Nicole’s Crémant reveals a pale golden robe.
Bubbles are light and regular.
Great freshness with the aroma of white flesh fruits such as apples and pears.
The cremant is a very refined apéritif and an ideal cocktail or reception wine.
Its mild fruity freshness will enhance the most diverse gastronomical encounters from the beginning to the end of a meal : cold or hot starters, fish dishes, white meat, soft cheese (Brie, Camembert) and desert courses, naturally.



70% PINOT BLANC – 30% PINOT GRIS – 150 cl
Chalky soil. The vineyard is cultivated based upon Alsatian tradition and  the « A.O.C. Crémant d’Alsace » specifications are followed. The harvest is done by hand –pressing is carefully undertaken with pneumatic presses.
Crémant  wine-making is a complex process and requires real know-how. Indeed, once the traditional fermentation in casks is completed, a second fermentation is begun. It takes place in the bottle and produces carbon dioxide gas. The confined gas gives sparkle to the wine (which is why this stage is called the “sparkling onset”). After an ageing period on slats currently set at 12 months, the bottles are rotated from the horizontal to the vertical position so that the yeast deposit will descend to the neck of the bottle to be removed. After having been frozen, it is ejected by natural pressure. The bottle is then sealed with a wire cap.
This cremant is ideal as aperitif and for starters, seafood or goat cheeses.
2 to 3 years. Serving temperature 5° to  7° C
The Cremant Cuvée Nicole is elaborated with Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris.
The robe is yellow pale with light tints, from good intensity. The bubbles are fine and satisfying, this cremant presents youth.
The nose is pleasant with a nice intensity and predominant candied smells: rhubarb, lemon, citrus fruit. Ventilation develops this citrus fruit character and let appear fine floral and apple touches. The nose is fine and delicate, with much subtlety. Its refreshing character confers it much grace.
The dominant aromas are fruity: citrus fruit, lemon, apple, flowers and fine vegetal with a light smoked side. This cremant has a tense and nervous structure, it brings a pleasant freshness to the palate.
Total acidity (H2SO4) >> 3.02 g/l
Total acidity in Tart. >> 4.62 g/l
pH >> 3.56
Total SO2 >> 93 mg/l
Alcohol content by volume >> 12,31 % vol.
Commented by Pascal Leonetti, best sommelier from France 2006

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