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Pinot Gris Grand Cru Osterberg 2010


Tasting note by Pascal Léonetti, best sommelier in France 2006

Beautiful intense, golden yellow with light green glints. The meniscus is clear, bright and transparent.
This is a wine still in its youth.

The nose is open and pleasant, with good intensity. Distinguished bouquet, predominantly fruity scents with yellow fruit, Mirabelle plum, quince, Golden Delicious apple, and a delicate hint of fresh mushrooms. Airing enhances and clarifies the previous aromas, reveals a smoky character, with notes of polish and liquorice.
The raw material from the grapes presents a perfect state of health. The fruit is precise and perfectly judged.

The attack on the palate is dense and rich, supported by full-bodied substance. The mid-palate evolves with a lively robustness, and a hint of fizz. The range of aromas recalls the nose, dominated by yellow fruit, with Golden delicious apple, quince, Mirabelle plum, and again the fresh mushrooms, smoke, liquorice and polish. There is a slight bitterness. The finish has good length, continuing 7 or 8 seconds, with a pleasant liveliness, and just a hint of bitterness.
The balance is rich and flavourful. The vintage balances and refreshes the structure. The range of aromas is distinguished.

Excellent with a chicken liver terrine, goose foie gras pan-fried with pistachios, a veal casserole, or chicken in a herb crust with morel cream sauce, soft cheeses, or washed rind cheeses such as Pied de Vent.

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Grand Cru Osterberg is located in Ribeauvillé, and is south, south-east facing. This terroir, with its marly-limestone-sandstone character, enables well-balanced growth for the vines, nourished by the resources of a site that benefits from an exceptionally bright sky and a rich supply of minerals in the soil.

Harvests are manual and rigorous pruning ensures that yields are carefully controlled.


Slow, pneumatic pressing allows a gentle extraction of the juices, without any bitterness.

Fermentation takes place in temperature-controlled vats. The wines are aged in barrels made from 100-year-old oak, or in stainless steel vats, for 8 to 10 months, and then bottled after tangential filtration.

The bottles are kept in our cellars at a constant temperature.


Pinot Gris Grand Cru Osterberg has a substantial capacity to improve with age.

Its powerful aromas and lingering finish on the palate make it a perfect match for foie gras or blue cheese.

The early-ripening conditions result in full-bodied, rich, complex wines, made from very ripe, sometimes botrytized grapes. Over time, a superb harmony develops between the sugars and acids. Recommended serving temperature: 8 to 10°C (46 to 50°F)

Cellaring: 10 years or more.


Alcohol content: 12.72%

Residual sugar: 35.9 g/l
pH: 3.45

Total acidity: 4.99 g H2SO4 /l

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